Arte rupestre en la sierra de guara

Live prehistory

The River Vero canyon, passing through the Sierra de Guara, contains an exceptional archaeological legacy.
With more than 60 shelters with cave paintings, this natural area has been converted into an exceptional outdoor prehistory museum.
In the different painted shelters you can find magnificent examples of the three classic styles of European cave art: paleolithic, levantine and schematic.

In 1998, UNESCO incorporated the collection of shelters into the World Heritage List, and it now forms part of the World Heritage “Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula”.


We recommend visiting the Interpretation Center of Cave Art in Colungo (just 5 km from our campsite).

There are a wide variety of guided tours to discover the cave paintings for children and adults.


We recommend that you log onto the Río Vero Cultural Park website.

The main guided visits to the sites of Arpan, Chimiacha, Barfaluy, Mallata and Quizans can be booked directly on the website.


Schedules of the Colungo Interpretation Center

Schedules of organized visits to the rock art

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