*The customer is required to identify himself by means of an official and original identity document.
*Each time it will be required, the customer must identify himself.


*The occupation of the pitch and/or the accommodation, as well as the change of the latter, can only be made with the prior authorization of the reception.
*The maximum number of people per pitch is six.
*The pitches are delimited by trees, in case of absence of trees and in doubt, ask the reception or an employee to accompany you to the pitch.
*Customers who occupy more space than indicated, will have to leave the invaded area.


*Vehicle traffic is limited to 10km/h.
*Traffic is prohibited in the campsite during quiet hours (from midnight until 8:00 a.m.).
*The entrance gate is closed during these times.
*Those arriving during this time slot will have to leave their vehicle in the outdoor car parking.


*Vehicles can only be parked on the camper’s pitch.
*It is forbidden to park on unoccupied spaces, preventing the installation of new customers.
*It is forbidden to park on the traffic lanes, impeding the circulation of other vehicles.


*The campsite has an outdoor car parking just at the entrance to the campsite.
*The customer who does not wish to enter his car can park it in this car parking.
*We recommend that you take special care not to leave any valuables in sight.


*It is forbidden to charge your electric vehicle on the campsite.
*Where applicable, any damage to the network will be your responsibility.


*Circulation of this type of vehicle is also limited to 10km/h.
*After 10:00 p.m., they will no longer be able to circulate inside the campsite.
*These vehicles cannot be used in common areas.
*To circulate in the dark, they must be equipped with lighting.


*Pets, like people, must register on arrival at the campsite and the customer will be required to present their identity document.
*The owners of these animals must have civil liability insurance and a vaccination certificate.
*The customer can find the pet rates at the reception.
*Animals are accepted at the campsite, except 1st and 2nd category dogs (breeds considered dangerous) which are prohibited.
*A maximum of 3 animals per pitch and a maximum of 2 animals per accommodation is accepted.
*The animal must be always attached and will not be able to access the interior of the sanitary facilities and common areas.
*If the animal relieves itself inside the campsite, its owner must remove the excrement and throw it in the trash.
*The animal must never cause inconvenience to other customers, and it cannot remain on the campsite or in the accommodation (even tied to a tree or locked in a vehicle), without supervision.
*Damage caused by an animal must be reported to the campsite staff by its owner.


*From 11:00 p.m., it is mandatory that everyone respects the right to rest of their neighboring campers.
*Absolute silence from midnight to 8:00 am.
*The Campsite asks the responsible customer to inculcate respect for the rule of silence during this interval, to the people registered under his name.


*During the day, the use of sound devices, musical instruments and your pets must not disturb the neighbors or disturb the tranquility of other campers.
*This standard is also applicable in common areas, especially in sanitary facilities.
*It will be up to the Campsite to judge when the noise exceeds the reasonable and acceptable level and may therefore prohibit any source of noise pollution.


*It is forbidden to leave household waste and other waste on the pitches, waste containers are located outside the campsite in the car parking.
*We have a selective waste sorting area in the outdoor car park, where you can sort packaging, glass and household waste.
*Thank you for collaborating by sorting your waste.


*Smoking is allowed on the campsite pitches.
*It is forbidden to smoke in the accommodations.
*Take care of nature, we are located in a protected Natural Park, we recommend that you put out your cigarette butts to avoid any fire.
*It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground as a measure of safety, hygiene and respect for the following campers.


*In accordance with national regulations (Law 42/2010), smoking is prohibited in all covered facilities of the campsite, including the bar and restaurant terraces.


*It is strictly forbidden to light an open fire in the campsite and its surroundings (pier, river, adjoining fields, etc.).
*Only electric and portable barbecues, and camping-gas stoves are authorized on camping pitches.


*In the barbecue area, you must only use charcoal. It is forbidden to use pieces of wood.
*After use, the barbecue area must be tidy and clean, for the comfort of other campers who wish to use it.
*The use of the barbecue area is authorized from 11:00 a.m. until midnight, outside these hours it is forbidden to use it.


*Extinguishers are available to everyone in the common areas (toilets, sinks and barbecue).
*It is strictly forbidden to use fire extinguishers for any purpose other than that for which they are intended.
*In the event of a fire, notify the campsite reception immediately, or call 112 directly.


*Help us by having a responsible use of water and energy consumption.
*Try to contribute to the cleanliness of the campsite by leaving the facilities as you found them.
*Any damage caused by the customer will be the subject of a report, and the campsite will be entitled to claim reparation and compensation.
*Fountains cannot be used for cleaning kitchen utensils or for your personal hygiene.
*It is forbidden to make any type of trench or modification of the campsite. Only nails may be used to fix the tents. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a claim for damages.
*Please use the traffic lanes to move around the campsite, avoiding crossing the pitches. It is forbidden to descend or ascend the banks.
*It is forbidden to take stones from the river and leave them in the campsite. If rocks are used to drive the tent pegs into the ground, please put them back in place.
*It is forbidden to jump the fence that delimits the campsite to enter or leave it.


*Trees and plants should not be watered with sewage. Water spillage with detergents can destroy them. Please respect the vegetation and do not let anyone damage it.
*It is forbidden to tie wires or drive nails into trees. If you
use strings, do it by protecting the tree with cardboard or fabric and remember to remove them when you leave.


*The camping pitch must be vacated before noon, as well as the accommodation.
*The customer must return them in the same condition as when he occupied them, clean and in good condition.
*Those who wish to leave the campsite during the hours of silence, between midnight and 8:00 am, must leave their vehicle in the outdoor car parking before midnight the day before.


*Any material or object left on a campsite or in accommodation after the scheduled departure time will be considered abandoned.
*The campsite staff will remove it without assuming any responsibility in the event of loss or damage.
*If the objects have value, the campsite will inform the customer of this by email or phone, and will keep them during the current season, during which time the customer must collect them.


*A first aid kit can be found at reception.
*As a precaution, we advise you to avoid hanging clothes lines during your absences.
*We may photograph you and your family for the advertising purposes of our campsite. If you do not wish it, you will have to notify us by mail before your arrival.


*The client is responsible for keeping his pitch or accommodation clean throughout his stay.
*A good dress code is required of all.
*The “children’s” play area is not supervised, children must remain under the supervision of their parents, please respect the usual precautions.
*Minors must also remain under the responsibility of their parents or supervisors.
*Parents must ensure that children do not play inside the toilets.
*No violent or awkward games can be organized on the campsite.
*Monitoring is provided in the campsite in the evenings/nights in high season, however, customers are asked to take the usual precautions to ensure the safeguarding of their equipment…


*The campsite has civil liability insurance covering damage resulting from its strict professional activity.
*In the event of an accident, the damage caused to property or persons by customers or persons outside the campsite, are always the responsibility of the author.
*The campsite is not responsible in the event of loss, theft, fire, such as bad weather (storm, hail, wind, etc.) or natural disasters.
*The campsite is not responsible for any disturbance caused by wild animals or insects.


*These regulations and the provisions provided for in the various facilities are mandatory.
*Rio Vero Campsite reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to authorize variations from the published regulations without serving as a precedent for other cases.
*Any violation of these rules (serious misconduct, non-compliance with the contract or the campsite rules, night noise, or even breakage), as well as ignoring the instructions of the staff may result in immediate expulsion from the campsite.
*Vandalism, aggressive behavior, voyeurism, and theft, in addition to eviction, may be reported to the proper authorities.

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