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Deposit required for booking: 40%
Prices are charged at night (10% of I.V.A included)

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Generalities 2021

Generalities 2021

Children pay from 4 years old.

A vehicle is included per accommodation.

Pets are allowed (2 maximum).

Bengali Tent 2021

Bengali Tent 2021

Bengalis tents can be rented for a minimum of 2 nights.

Mobil Home 2021

Mobil Home 2021

Mobil Homes can be rented for a minimum of 2 nights in low season.

For the 2021 season:
*Holy Week (from 01/04 to 05/04): 3 nights minimum
*Weekend ascension (from 13/05 to 16/05): 3 nights minimum
*Weekends Pentecost (from 21/05 to 24/05): 3 nights minimum
*San Juan feast (from 23/06 to 27/06): 3 nights minimum
*From 01/07 to 23/07 and from 21/08 to 31/08: 4 nights minimum
*From 24/07 to 20/08: 4 nights minimum (from saturday to saturday).
*Pillar feast (from 08/10 to 12/10): 3 nights minimum

Accommodations prices


HIGH SEASON: From 01/08 to 15/08
AVERAGE SEASON: Holy week, from 01/07 to 31/07 and from 16/08 to 31/08
LOW SEASON: From 15/03 to 30/06 and from 01/09 to 15/10

tarifas tienda bengali 2 plazas
tarifas tienda bengali 3-4 plazas
tarifas tienda bengali 5 plazas
tarifas tienda bengali 6 plazas
tarifas mobil home vero 2 plazas
tarifas mobil home vero 3-4 plazas
tarifas mobil home vero 5 plazas
tarifas mobil home vero 6 plazas
tarifas mobil home peonera 2 plazas
tarifas mobil home peonera 3-4 plazas
tarifas mobil home peonera 5 plazas
tarifas mobil home peonera 6 plazas


The keys of accomodation will be delivered from 5:00 pm, if the accommodation has been released in advance, they can be delivered from 2:00 pm (ask at reception).


Before 12:00
Accomodation has to be returned clean (clean floor, clean crockery and no garbage)
A visit will be made to check the condition before returning the requested deposit on the day of arrival.
The extra charge cleaning will be charged in case it is not in condition. Thank you for your understanding…

Basic information

Included: welcome Kit
Included: pillows
Included: mattress protectors

Excluyed: sheets and blankets
Excluyed: towels
Excluyed: toilet paper
Excluyed: TV


Breakfast: 4,00€/person
Doble bed Kit Sheet: 5,00€
Single bed Kit Sheet: 3,50€
Small blankets rental: 3,00€
Big blankets rental: 4,00€
Cot rental: 5,00€
Cot Kit Sheet: 5,00€
Extra charge Pet: 5,00€/night
Extra charge cleaning: 40,00€

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