Enjoy doing an iron road at Sierra de Guara!

An iron road is also a vertical and horizontal road. Equipmented with diverse material: nails, staples, holds, handrails, chains, suspension bridges and zip lines …. That allows the acces to difficult zones.

Security is provided by a steel wire installed throughout the road. You must wear a harness equipped with an special Via Ferrata iron cruiser and carabiners that secure in the event of a fall. This activity is a good way to climb large walls.

With our guides you will enjoy a day of adventure entering deep into nature.

Bierge – Irond road of “Peñas Juntas”

  • Access time: 25 min
  • Travel time: 45 min
  • Return time: 20 min
  • Total length: 1,5 km
  • Height difference: 80 meters

This initiation irond road is a short route, with three Tibetan bridges (6 meters, 25 meters and 8 meters) over the Isuala River. It is ideal to complement any activity in the Sierra de Guara with the little ones and is very fun.

This iron road does not pose any difficulties and allows us to enjoy this spot in complete safety.

Rodellar – Iron road of “Espolón de la Virgen”

  • Access time: 40 min
  • Travel time: 40 min
  • Return time: 50 min
  • Total length: 3,5 km
  • Height difference: 146 meters

This iron road it is an upright itinerary. During the approach, on the riverbed of Mascún River, you may get your feet wet more than once as the path merges with the river until you reach the source. The route begins with a rapid ascent that gradually becomes more difficult, giving a feeling of height.

The last section takes us without difficulties to the top where the hermitage of La Virgen del Castillo is located.

Olvena – Iron road of “Santo Cristo”

  • Access time: 5 min
  • Travel time: 1h10 min
  • Return time: 25 min
  • Total length: 1,2 km
  • Height difference: 187 meters

The itinerary quickly goes into a narrow path that will be the main place where the road develops. Technically it is more an climbing route than a iron road. Once the route is finished, the road is a little exposed to the height and we advance only with the help of the safety wire. In the final part of this section, verticality increases. The route ends by going up a slippery floor equipped with staples to the Olvena viewpoint.

Vadiello – Iron road of “Canal del Palomo”

  • Access time: 2 min
  • Travel time: 95 min
  • Return time: 35 min
  • Total length: 1,7 km
  • Height difference: 100 meters

This iron road is one of the first equipped roads in Spain, it is a classic in Aragon.
You will go up helped from the nails and staples the different highlights.
At the exit, the spectacular Circus of Ligerri appears in front of you.
Entering in the Canal del Palomo is impressive from start to finish.

Canal del Palomo

You can start or perfect your technique with or without the help of guides and take advantage of a day in the heart of nature.

The iron road can be combined with the descent of one of the many canyons that run through the Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara. Perfect for the hot summer months!

Our Iron road rates

logotipo rojo y negro de Rumbo AventuraIron road Level 1: 50€/person
*45€/child rate (less than 10 years)
Iron road Level 2: 55€/person
Iron road Level 3: 75€/person
Iron road Level 4: 95€/person

Activities PACKS rates

logotipo rojo y negro de Rumbo AventuraPACK of 2 activities: 98€/person
PACK of 3 activities: 135€/person
PACK of 4 activities: 180€/person
PACK of 5 activities: 220€/person

Different levels of iron road

Level 1: Iron road of “Peñas Juntas” – Bierge
Level 2: Iron road of “Espolón de la Virgen” – Rodellar
Level 3: Iron road of “Foradada del Toscar” – Ainsa
Iron road of “Canal del Palomo” – Vadiello
Level 4: Iron road of “Croqueta de Obarra” – Obarra

The Rodellar’s iron road with our Rumbo Aventura guides! Hit the Play button…

The Bierge’s iron road with our Rumbo Aventura guides! Hit the Play button…

The Vadiello’s iron road with our Rumbo Aventura guides! Hit the Play button…

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